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CEE senior continues award-winning research in graduate school

Oct. 2, 2013—Two months before graduating with a degree in civil engineering Mason Hickman earned two awards at the 2013 Southeastern Section Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education for his research on portable structures capable of withstanding blasts from explosives.

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Photo: Sharing knowledge

Aug. 23, 2012—Ryoma (Puck) Ohi, Ph.D., assistant professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, talks with students during the second Vanderbilt International Summer Research Academy (VISRA). The eight-week program is designed for international undergraduate students considering careers in biomedical research and gives them a taste of working in an American lab.

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Undergrads shine at Summer Science Academy

Aug. 9, 2012—Since the Academy was established in 2002, more than 650 undergraduates have participated in the summer research program. About 10 percent have pursued graduate and/or medical studies at Vanderbilt.

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Hothouse for Scientists: Undergraduates with a passion for scientific inquiry work alongside seasoned researchers as equal players

May. 24, 2012—Experience, so they say, is the best teacher. But when it comes to cutting-edge laboratory-based research, hands-on work often is the exclusive purview of graduate students and faculty. So how does an undergraduate student interested in research go about obtaining the experience and exposure that can help launch a career? For one group of Vanderbilt...

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Undergraduate students conduct research in the Stubbs Lab

Dec. 13, 2011—Learn about an unusual research lab on Vanderbilt’s campus which employs almost entirely undergraduate students. Read more: Biology Lab Utilizes Undergraduate Research to Study Protein Diseases   Produced by Vanderbilt student Harrison Dreves.

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Creation of the largest human-designed protein boosts protein engineering efforts

Nov. 15, 2011—A team of Vanderbilt chemists have designed and successfully synthesized the largest artificial protein using a new approach that greatly expands scientists’ ability to create proteins unknown in nature.

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NSF renews grant for scientists who study how the brain acquires visual expertise

Nov. 3, 2011—A network of scientists who study how the brain acquires visual expertise has received a five-year renewal of support from the National Science Foundation.

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Taking introductory astronomy beyond Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit

Oct. 7, 2011—Astronomer David Weintraub has given introductory astronomy a “CSI” format by following the scientific evidence that gives us the age of the universe and has put this in a popular science book.

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Laboratory throws away cookbooks in pursuit of discovery

May. 20, 2011—In an educational environment increasingly characterized by canned and virtual science experiments that always come out right, Vanderbilt’s alternative introductory biology laboratory (BSC 111c) stands out because the students are asked to design experiments as well as conduct them and, above all, because they are given the freedom to fail. “This gives the students a...

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