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teach for america

Teach for America service leads to empathy

Jul. 19, 2017—Two years with Teach for American influences participants to empathize with the poorer members of society and accept that poverty isn't a choice, according to a new Vanderbilt study.

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I had to be a Commodore

Mar. 4, 2013—Accessibility, inclusiveness and community made the difference for these students.

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Teach for America founder discusses improving education for underprivileged students

Jan. 19, 2012—Wendy Kopp, founder and CEO of Teach for America and Teach for All, spoke about her experiences improving education for underprivileged students across the United States and around the world during a public lecture Jan. 18 in Wilson Hall. Kopp also signed copies of her new book A Chance to Make History. The event was...

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Teach for America inspires alumni to serve through educating children

Dec. 13, 2011—The October after his graduation from the College of Arts and Science was arguably one of the darkest months in Jake Ramsey’s life. Teaching math at Nashville’s Maplewood High School through nonprofit organization Teach For America, Ramsey, BA’09, had reached the phase of working in a high-poverty setting that might be labeled “despair.”

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