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    Research Roundup, Summer 2014

    Private Property and Government Inaction | Probiotic Could Prevent Obesity | Freedom from Power Cords | Pickiness Doesn’t Always Pay Read More

    Sep 26, 2014

  • small square metal wafer

    Liberating devices from their power cords

    A new type of supercapacitor brings us a step closer to a day when everything from cell phones to electric vehicles will no longer need separate batteries. Read More

    May 19, 2014

  • Vanderbilt University

    New device stores electricity on silicon chips

    Solar cells that produce electricity 24/7. Cell phones with built-in power cells that recharge in seconds and work for weeks between charges: These are just two of the possibilities raised by a novel supercapacitor design invented by material scientists at Vanderbilt University. Read More

    Oct 22, 2013