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Sharece Thrower

When legislatures can and can’t check executive powers

Jul. 29, 2019—The largest analysis of gubernatorial executive orders to date reveals important nuances that explain how and when legislatures can constrain executive power.

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Study: Continuity, not change, marked President Trump’s first year

May. 29, 2019—An empirical analysis of executive actions taken during President Trump's first year shows that while he focused more on immigration and deregulation than previous presidents, his use of unilateralism was largely in line with his predecessors.

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Thrower named Carnegie Fellow to support research on separation of powers

Apr. 23, 2019—Vanderbilt political scientist Sharece Thrower was named an Andrew Carnegie Fellow and awarded $200,000 to support her research.

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Vanderbilt experts available to discuss State of the Union

Jan. 24, 2018—A number of Vanderbilt University experts will be available to media in the days leading up to and after the State of the Union speech Jan. 30 to discuss a variety of topics that could be addressed during President Trump’s address next Tuesday. Will Trump “talk tough” about immigration? Vanessa Beasley, associate professor of communications...

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Explore the consequences of 2016 election at Vanderbilt roundtable

Jan. 20, 2017—Six days after the swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, Yale University's Jacob Hacker will join three Vanderbilt University professors to discuss the election that brought Trump to power and its political, economic and social consequences.

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New faculty: Sharece Thrower examines how U.S. presidents exercise, expand power

Oct. 5, 2016—There’s one thing we already know about the chief executive who will follow President Obama into the White House, according to Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt’s newest presidential scholar. “With every president, there’s been an accumulation of a little bit more power,” she said.

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