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Additional officers bolster VUPD’s presence, VUMC’s security

Jun. 16, 2016—With approximately 10 million square feet of building space, along with acres of land outside its hospitals, clinics and research facilities, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is an enormous maze of hallways and busy streets that are frequented by millions each year.

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Protect yourself against phishing attacks

Sep. 28, 2015—Phishing attacks continue to pose threats to health care and education institutions in particular. Learn how to recognize and protect yourself from phishing.

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Game theory can help predict crime before it occurs

Oct. 21, 2014—A team headed by Eugene Vorobeychik, assistant professor of computer science and computer engineering, uses game theory and big data to optimize policing.

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VUIT recommends strategies to address Internet Explorer issues

Apr. 30, 2014—VUIT has issued a recommendation to avoid using the Internet Explorer Web browser for now due to some recently identified vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to install malicious software on a user’s machine.

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Vanderbilt revises guidelines for responding to active shooter

Feb. 20, 2014—As part of an ongoing review of emergency preparedness, Vanderbilt University has revised guidelines on how to respond to an active shooter situation on the campus.

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‘Spear phishers’ proving hard to neutralize

Jan. 28, 2014—It may take repeated and varied exposure to anti-spear phishing messages before employees get the message, according to research.

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For secure health care data, thwart the attacks of tomorrow – not yesterday

Sep. 25, 2013—Proactive measures are the best way to stay ahead of computer hackers who threaten the security of digital health care records, says M. Eric Johnson, dean of Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management.

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