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Vanderbilt astronomers continue international effort to map and analyze universe in greater detail than ever

Nov. 16, 2017—Vanderbilt astronomers will carry out detailed studies of nearby stars orbited by planets with the potential to harbor or sustain life.

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Measuring elements of life in Milky Way

Jan. 6, 2017—Astronomers participating in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have announced the results of the first study that shows how the abundance of the "elements of life" varies across the Milky Way galaxy.

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Milky Way filled with wandering stars

Jul. 31, 2015—A new map of the Milky Way has discovered that 30 percent of the galaxy's stars are wanderers, making major shifts in their orbits during their lifetimes. Vanderbilt post-doc Jonathan Bird played a major role in the study.

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Largest 3-D Map of Universe Released to Public

Jan. 11, 2013—Stargazers, rejoice: The largest-ever 3-D map of the universe has been released to the public. The new map contains images of 200 million galaxies.

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Vanderbilt’s role in largest digital sky image

Jan. 13, 2011—The Sloan Digital Sky Survey-III collaboration, which includes Vanderbilt University, has resulted in a picture of the sky so big that it would take 500,000 high-definition TVs to view it at full resolution. The color image contains more than a trillion pixels and covers about one-third of the entire sky.

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