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School of Medicine

Worm gene function? Check the map.

Mar. 3, 2011—New gene expression atlas created for roundworms provides a basis for establishing roles for individual genes in the development of specific cell types.

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A better picture of bone strength

Mar. 2, 2011—A component of some MRI scans reveals that "soft" components, like collagen and collagen-bound water, are important players in bone strength.

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Listen: WRVU co-founder remembers early days of campus radio

Oct. 11, 2010—Dr. Raphael Smith, one of the co-founders of WRVU, is one of six Vanderbilt alumni who will be inducted into the Vanderbilt Student Media Hall of Fame on Oct. 22. Smith, who is now a Vanderbilt University professor of medicine, emeritus, provided most of the technical expertise for getting the station built and on the...

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