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Sandra L. Barnes

Black men in same-sex relationships seek church, internet, for support

Jun. 21, 2019—According to research by sociologist Sandra L. Barnes, many black men in same-sex relationships seek the church and online groups for spiritual support.

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EDI office launches new webpage on unconscious bias

Feb. 9, 2017—Vanderbilt's Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has launched a new webpage and series of workshops to support a campuswide initiative to combat unconscious bias.

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Video: $1.5M HIV, hepatitis intervention targets at-risk young black males

Nov. 18, 2015—A $1.5 million Vanderbilt study is partnering with Nashville's First Response Center to curb HIV and hepatitis diagnoses in young black males at risk for HIV.

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Listen: Sandra Barnes: Live Long and Prosper

Feb. 18, 2013—Listen to an interview with Sandra Barnes, Professor of Sociology of Religion and Professor of Human and Organizational Development, about her recent book, Live Long and Prosper:  How Black Megachurches Address HIV/AIDS and Poverty in the Age of Prosperity Theology. Interviewed by Chris Benda, Divinity School librarian.

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