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Richard McCarty

A message from Provost McCarty regarding final exams

Dec. 12, 2010—Dear Faculty and Students, With the inclement weather that the Nashville area is experiencing, I want to confirm that final exams will proceed as scheduled on Monday, December 13. As always, faculty and students should use discretion and common sense in traveling to campus to adminster or to take final exams. Personal safety is of paramount...

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Mid-year salary increase coming for most of staff

Nov. 18, 2010—We are pleased to announce that the majority of Vanderbilt staff members will receive a half-percent, mid-year salary increase in January in recognition of an ongoing strong performance during what is, by most measures, still a very uncertain economic climate. This one-time increase will be awarded to regular status (non-union, non-temporary) Vanderbilt staff members who...

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ARRA grant allows update of nanoscience institute’s air-handling equipment

Oct. 13, 2010—If there is one thing that nanoscientists need above all else to study the behavior of materials and create devices at the scale of individual atoms, it is an ultra-clean environment. The fresh air that we breathe contains something like one million microscopic particles in a cubic foot, more than enough to wreak havoc with...

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Vanderbilt class of 2014 draws from largest applicant pool ever

Sep. 17, 2010—Vanderbilt University’s Expanded Aid Program to fund students with demonstrated need who earn admittance has resulted in the most selective class in its history.

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Richard McCarty named provost at Vanderbilt; Psychologist has been Dean of College of Arts and Science since 2001

May. 6, 2008—Richard McCarty, a distinguished psychologist who has led the largest school at Vanderbilt University for the past seven years, will be presented to the Vanderbilt Board of Trust next week for confirmation as the university\'s chief academic officer.

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