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Ray Friedman

Enhancing feelings of connectedness helps people treat wrongdoers equally: Study

Apr. 15, 2019—Cultural norms can affect how we respond to mistreatment at work, but it is possible to shift that perspective to make it easier to call out wrongdoers who are closely related.

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When a company brings shame to workers, employees look for the exit

May. 9, 2016—Workers who heavily tied their personal identity to their job felt the strongest sense of shame when their company was caught doing something bad, according to new research.

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The most popular research stories of 2015

Dec. 28, 2015—With discoveries ranging from the origins of consciousness to the end of the universe, 2015 was a year of incredibly diverse research at Vanderbilt University.

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VUCast: Homeward Bound

Feb. 9, 2015—In the latest VUCast: See the special way Vanderbilt nurses help kids heading home after surgery; hear who's to blame for bad boss behavior; and watch Vanderbilt's newest building grow in 3-D. Watch now!

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Study: Bad middle managers are just a reflection of their bosses

Jan. 26, 2015—Keeping middle managers happy with their supervisors is the key to retaining the lower-level workers they manage and avoiding expensive turnover costs, according to a Vanderbilt University study.

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Video: VUCast: What is discovery science?

Oct. 15, 2010—See how Vanderbilt is making life-saving breakthroughs through “discovery science.” Plus, what Vandy business experts think BP needs to do to rebuild, and another Vanderbilt connection on The Simpsons!

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VUCast: How Happy Birthday = making a difference

Sep. 23, 2010—How Happy Birthday means making a difference; shame vs. guilt; and calling all Vandy sports videos/photos. It’s VUCast time for Sept. 23, 2010.

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Shame versus guilt when your company misbehaves

Sep. 23, 2010—New research by Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management professor Ray Friedman found that employees who personally identified with their company felt the most shame for the wrongful acts. These employees wanted to hide from the bad act and disassociate themselves from the organization, which means they were most likely to quit.

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“The Obama Effect”: Test-taking performance gap virtually eliminated during key moments of Obama’s presidential run

Jan. 1, 2009—Watch video of an interview with by Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management professor Ray Friedman. Read the news release. Contact: Amy Wolf (615) 322-NEWS

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