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Randall Thomas

Article co-authored by Randall Thomas selected as one of the Top 10 Corporate and Securities Articles for 2018

May. 3, 2019—Thomas examines a power struggle between corporate boards of directors and activist shareholders that played out in courts throughout the nation, and its impact on Delaware courts’ accepted role of establishing and maintaining the legal precedents that undergird American corporate governance law.

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Dalton family commits $12.75 million to support Law and Business Program at Vanderbilt Law School

Jan. 23, 2019—A new $12.75 million gift to Vanderbilt Law School from alumnus and former Vanderbilt Board of Trust chairman Mark Dalton and his family will provide support for the law school's Law and Business Program, which prepares students to enter legal practice with a solid understanding of business law, corporate management, accounting and finance.

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Claims from hedge funds cause rise in appraisal actions

Jun. 7, 2017—Hedge fund expert Randall Thomas says appraisal action petitions are on the rise, and he can explain why

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Top class-action law firms are worth hiring, study shows

Oct. 15, 2014—Top-five plaintiffs’ law firms achieve the best results for shareholders in mergers and acquisitions’ litigation because they aggressively litigate their cases, instead of adopting more passive strategies favored by less well-known firms.

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Are college football coaches overpaid?

Sep. 2, 2014—Two Vanderbilt professors compared salaries and contracts of more than 950 college football coaches to top CEOs. The research found that college football coaches are not overpaid.

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