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Preschoolers can do more math than you think

Aug. 16, 2019—More complex math concepts can be easily introduced through simple games and tasks at home, according to a new Vanderbilt report.

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Toddler brains resist learning from screens, even video chat

Jul. 31, 2019—Vanderbilt study finds little ones need to interact with real, live humans in order to learn new information.

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Vanderbilt increases presence in Edu-Scholar rankings

Jan. 9, 2019—Vanderbilt University has increased its presence in "Education Week’s" annual listing of the most influential public scholars in education.

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Immigrant children in ‘tender age shelters’ at risk for psychological disorders

Dec. 19, 2018—The practice of separating immigrant children from their parents is very likely to lead to negative effects on emotional and mental health in adolescence.

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