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Smart underwear prevents back stress with just a tap

Aug. 1, 2017—"Performance-boosting super suit" hidden under clothing can be activated by a double tap to save users' backs.

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FDA approves Vanderbilt-designed Indego exoskeleton for clinical and personal use

Mar. 10, 2016—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given clearance to market and sell the powered lower-limb exoskeleton created by a team of Vanderbilt engineers and commercialized by the Parker Hannifin Corporation for both clinical and personal use in the United States.

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Zelik, team discover hip, foot muscles more important to walking than previously thought

Jul. 13, 2015—In his effort to develop better prosthetic limbs, Karl Zelik had to start with deciphering more clearly how muscles function in walking. His path not only led to a better way of quantifying human locomotion, but also to the discovery that muscles around the hip and in the foot are more important to walking than previously thought.

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Better, faster, stronger: Tennis great researching prosthetics that push the limits

Feb. 4, 2015—College tennis champ Eric Honert is focusing on a new challenge as a graduate student in mechanical engineering: building a better prosthetic toe.

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Two Vanderbilt projects featured in new NIBIB “Bionic Man” web tool

May. 6, 2014—The prosthetics research of Michael Goldfarb is featured in "The NBIB Bionic Man," an interactive web tool that helps students and the public learn about innovative federally-funded biomedical research.

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Goldfarb to demonstrate bionic prosthetics at March 25 Chancellor’s Lecture

Feb. 28, 2014—Michael Goldfarb, named by "Popular Mechanics" as one of the “10 Innovators Who Changed the World in 2013,” will deliver the March 25 Chancellor’s Lecture at Vanderbilt University.

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Robotic advances promise artificial legs that emulate healthy limbs

Nov. 7, 2013—Recent advances in robotics technology make it possible to create prosthetics that can duplicate the natural movement of human legs which promises to dramatically improve the mobility of lower-limb amputees.

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Vanderbilt Medicine: Robotics revolution

Sep. 11, 2013—In the foreseeable future, robots will be sticking steerable needles in your brain to remove blood clots; capsule robots will be crawling up your colon as a painless replacement for the colonoscopy; and ultra-miniaturized snake robots will remove tumors from your bladder and other body cavities.

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Prosthetic limb advances could help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings

Apr. 19, 2013—Within the next one to three years, "bionic" prosthetic devices will become available for the people whose limbs were amputated in the Boston Marathon bombing that are substantially smarter, more capable, more active and more interactive than those currently on the market.

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Amputee sets stair climbing record with Vanderbilt prosthetic leg

Nov. 8, 2012—An amputee using a prosthetic leg designed at Vanderbilt made history by climbing 103 flights of stairs to the top of a Chicago skyscraper.

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Advanced exoskeleton promises more independence for people with paraplegia

Oct. 30, 2012—A team of Vanderbilt engineers has developed a powered exoskeleton that enables people with severe spinal cord injuries to stand, walk, sit and climb stairs. Its light weight, compact size and modular design promise to provide users with an unprecedented degree of independence.

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Mechanical engineering team wins Wyss-IEEE award for robotic leg prosthesis

Sep. 20, 2012—Two mechanical engineering graduate students and their professor have received the Wyss Institute-IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Award for Translational Research for their work on a robotic leg prosthesis, selected from submissions by biomedical engineers and scientists from academic institutions worldwide.

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