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Proteins may point way to new prostate cancer drug targets

Aug. 2, 2012—Two proteins that act in opposing directions – one that promotes cancer and one that suppresses cancer — regulate the same set of genes in prostate cancer, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center researchers have found.

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Proteins guard against cancer spread

Jul. 24, 2012—Targeting immune system proteins may keep prostate cancer from spreading to bone.

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Prostate size may help in predicting cancer severity

Feb. 3, 2012—Severity of cancer could be predicted by prostate size.

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Shining a light on prostate cancer may save a life

Sep. 22, 2011—These days, just about anyone who sees a pink lapel ribbon knows it symbolizes breast cancer awareness. But a light blue ribbon? Well, that’s another story. The symbol for prostate cancer awareness is far less recognizable than its feminine counterpart, just as the disease itself is far less in the public eye. Why is this...

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Magnesium affects prostate cancer risk

Jun. 3, 2011—Low blood levels of magnesium are associated with more aggressive prostate cancer, a recent study suggests.

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Protein ‘scissors’ cut path for cancer

Feb. 22, 2011—The protein matriptase "cuts" a key component of the prostate tissue barrier and may be involved in prostrate cancer progression, new research finds.

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