Pratik Pandharipande


    Study finds recommended ICU sedatives equally safe, effective

    Sedative medications used in intensive care are associated with increased delirium, which is in turn connected with higher medical costs and greater risk of death and ICU-related dementia. Read More

    Feb 2, 2021

  • Vanderbilt University

    Jennie Stuart Medical Center, VUMC launch teleICU patient care

    Jennie Stuart Medical Center (JSMC) has launched teleICU technology that provides its doctors and their patients real-time access to Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) specialists. Read More

    Aug 3, 2017

  • Delirium awareness promoted by Vanderbilt physicians

    Delirium awareness promoted by Vanderbilt physicians

    Today is the inaugural World Delirium Day, created to raise delirium awareness and inspire positive action among health care providers. Read More

    Mar 15, 2017

  • Vanderbilt University

    Pandharipande named chief of Anesthesiology Critical Care

    Pratik Pandharipande, M.D., MSCI, professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery, has been named chief of the Division of Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine, succeeding C. Lee Parmley, M.D., J.D., who was named chief of staff of Vanderbilt University Hospital earlier this month. Read More

    Mar 20, 2014

  • Vanderbilt University

    VUCast: Startling brain-related study on critically ill patients

    In the latest VUCast: ICU patients are leaving hospitals with a dementia-like disease; What’s the fate of the Republican Party?; Hear from Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Distinguished Visiting Professor Jon Meacham; and It's time to celebrate -- the Rate My Professor 2013 rankings are in. All this and more in Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now. Read More

    Oct 16, 2013

  • Vanderbilt University

    Long-term brain impairment too common after critical illness

    A recent Vanderbilt study shows a significant number of patients are entering I.C.U.’s throughout the world with no evidence of cognitive — brain related issues, but are leaving with symptoms associated with mild Alzheimer’s or Traumatic Brain Injury. Barb Cramer has more. Read More

    Oct 8, 2013

  • ICU monitor and bed

    Study finds cognitive deficits common after critical illness

    Patients treated in intensive care units across the globe enter their medical care with no evidence of cognitive impairment but often leave with deficits similar to those seen in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD) that persist for at least a year, according to a Vanderbilt University Medical Center study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. Read More

    Oct 3, 2013

  • Vanderbilt University

    Grant to bolster care of ventilated ICU patients

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigators have received a $2.8 million grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to continue studying ways to improve sedation management for intensive care unit patients who are on mechanical ventilators. Read More

    Nov 15, 2012

  • Vanderbilt University

    Pathways to delirium in the ICU

    Study suggests that the “kynurenine” biochemical pathway could be a target for reducing delirium and coma in critically ill patients. Read More

    Apr 17, 2012