• Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Sign up for Vanderbilt’s Osher Lifelong Learning winter classes

    The schedule of winter 2012 non-credit classes offered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Vanderbilt include aging and sexuality, reflections of life in Civil War Tennessee, the future of medicine and Humphrey Bogart film classics. Read More

    Nov. 17, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Vanderbilt scholars explore Bible’s relevance to today’s world

    The Bible can draw politically and religiously polarized groups closer together if they view scripture through the lenses of different beliefs and interpretations, say Vanderbilt University Divinity School professors Amy-Jill Levine and Doug Knight. Read More

    Nov. 9, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Making astronomy meaningful

    Professor of Astronomy David Weintraub wanted his students to remember more of what they learned in his introductory class than the answers to typical questions on a quiz show. That was a strong impetus for his book How Old Is The Universe? It strives to make astronomy understandable… Read More

    Oct. 25, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Irish storyteller discusses craft

    (photo courtesy of Clare Murphy) An Irish storyteller who has traveled the world with her dynamic performances recently visited Vanderbilt on her way to the prestigious National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tenn. Clare Murphy is a strong believer in the value of storytelling in entertainment as well… Read More

    Oct. 6, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Robin Jensen on Early Christian Baptism

    Listen to an interview with Robin Jensen, Luce Chancellor’s Professor of the History of Christian Art and Worship. This is part of a series of interviews with Vanderbilt University Divinity School faculty. Interviewed by Chris Benda, Divinity School librarian.      … Read More

    May. 13, 2011

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    Listen: Go green for Valentine’s celebration

    Flowers, sweets and time spent with a special someone are great Valentine’s traditions, but the Vanderbilt University Sustainability and Environmental Management Office has suggestions for protecting the earth while you celebrate. Read More

    Feb. 11, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Recycle during basketball games

    Recycling at all Vanderbilt men’s and women’s basketball games  continues for the second year, thanks to a partnership between the Sustainability and Environmental Management Office and Athletics. Sporting events provide the opportunity to recycle much material that otherwise ends up in local landfills, according to Lindsay Walker, recycling coordinator,… Read More

    Dec. 31, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: SustainVU offers holiday green tips

    One of the unintended side effects of holiday traditions is the significant increase in waste and over-consumption of natural resources. SustainVU offers a Holiday Greening Guide with tips on everything from wrapping gifts to cooking a turkey dinner. Read More

    Dec. 17, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: The Revelation of Imagination: From the Bible and Homer through Virgil and Augustine to Dante

    Listen to an interview with William Franke, professor of Comparative Literature, Italian and Religious Studies, speaking about his book, “The Revelation of Imagination: From the Bible and Homer through Virgil and Augustine to Dante.” Interviewed by Chris Benda, Divinity School librarian. Read More

    Dec. 10, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: American Civil War course takes non-traditional approach

    Courtesy of The Harris D. Riley Collection, Vanderbilt Special Collections and University Archives This spring Vanderbilt undergraduates will study the political, social and economic events associated with the U.S. Civil War in a special course co-taught by Professor of History Richard Blackett and Professor of English Michael Kreyling. Read More

    Dec. 9, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Concert highlights music of Ariel Ramirez

    Misa Criolla – a performance of musical works by the late Argentine composer and pianist Ariel Ramirez – will take place Dec. 5 in the Scarritt Bennett Center’s Wightman Chapel. The event, which is free and open to the public, begins at 5 p.m. The English translation of Misa Criolla… Read More

    Dec. 2, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Minorities, Multiculturalism and the Presidency of George W. Bush

    The Presidency of George W. Bush Gary Gerstle, the James G. Stahlman Professor of American History, has done extensive research about President George W. Bush’s vision for a multicultural world and the steep challenges it faced during his administration. Gerstle’s essay, “Minorities, Multiculturalism and the Presidency of George W. Read More

    Nov. 12, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: “Sixties at 50” draws on Vanderbilt Libraries’ unique treasures

    “The Sixties at 50,” an exhibition of video, photos and other treasures from one of society’s most significant decades, is on display at the Vanderbilt University Central Library and Special Collections. The exhibition was curated by a team of Vanderbilt subject librarians and technology staff under the guidance… Read More

    Nov. 8, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: Vanderbilt center seeks to inform policy debate

    Vanderbilt’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions has a strong community outreach component that seeks to help citizens understand contemporary public policy issues and debates. Political scientists John Geer and David Lewis are among the four co-directors of the center that is housed within the Department of… Read More

    Oct. 29, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: VU competes in EPA Game Day recycling challenge

    Vanderbilt is one of 89 colleges and universities taking the EPA Game Day recycling challenge for Homecoming. Volunteers will assist the Commodore Nation in scoring off the field in the challenge that is taking place across the country. Read More

    Oct. 25, 2010

  • Vanderbilt University

    Listen: WRVU co-founder remembers early days of campus radio

    Dr. Raphael Smith's 1955 Commodore photo Dr. Raphael Smith, one of the co-founders of WRVU, is one of six Vanderbilt alumni who will be inducted into the Vanderbilt Student Media Hall of Fame on Oct. 22. Smith, who is now a Vanderbilt University professor of medicine, emeritus, provided most of… Read More

    Oct. 11, 2010

  • VU undergrads present research on presidential appointments

    VU undergrads present research on presidential appointments

    Two Vanderbilt undergraduates had the rare opportunity to present their research findings on the influence of patronage on presidential appointments and government performance at the 2010 Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Read More

    May. 18, 2010

  • Listen: Interdisicplinary project includes rising star in contemporary classical music

    Listen: Interdisicplinary project includes rising star in contemporary classical music

    An interdisciplinary research project at Vanderbilt, in partnership with the ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, has commissioned a piece of original music from award-winning composer Gabriela Lena Frank. This fall the piece will be premiered and recorded by ALIAS, which includes musicians from the Blair School. Read More

    Apr. 29, 2010

  • Listen: Owen professor says no ethical breach when companies “poach”

    Listen: Owen professor says no ethical breach when companies “poach”

    A professor at the Owen Graduate School of Management believes that the practice of "poaching" other companies' employees should be accepted or even encouraged in the business world. Tim Gardner is the co-author of the paper "The Ethics of Lateral Hiring," which is being published in Business Ethics Quarterly. Read More

    Mar. 26, 2010

  • Listen: Stand Up Jamrock Generation

    Listen: Stand Up Jamrock Generation

    Listen to a lecture about reggae music and Rastafarian theology. Read More

    Mar. 18, 2010