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Vanderbilt’s role in new planet-finding space mission

May. 1, 2013—A team of Vanderbilt astronomers will play a key role in the planet-seeking space telescope that NASA has just approved and scheduled for launch in 2017.

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Longtime College of Arts and Science faculty named as emeriti

Apr. 24, 2013—The Vanderbilt Board of Trust has approved the awarding of emeriti honors to 14 distinguished, longtime College of Arts and Science faculty. The professors will be honored at Commencement ceremonies on May 10.

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The New Face of Science: How Vanderbilt became a top producer of minority Ph.D.s in STEM

Apr. 16, 2013—This year the Fisk–Vanderbilt Master’s-to-Ph.D. Bridge program, directed by Keivan Stassun, professor of astronomy, will become the nation’s No. 1 producer of minority Ph.D. recipients in physics, astronomy and materials science.

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Tabletop plasma generator brings Jupiter’s core to the lab

Apr. 9, 2013—A Vanderbilt engineering graduate student has created a small-scale, efficient way to produce high-energy density plasma--the state of matter found in the center of stars and gas giants like Jupiter--with a tabletop device.

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Vanderbilt collaborates on NASA’s Extreme Universe Space Observatory

Mar. 12, 2013—NASA has awarded $4.4 million to a collaboration of scientists at U.S. universities, including a Vanderbilt professor, and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center to help build a 2.5-meter ultraviolet telescope called the Extreme Universe Space Observatory for deployment on the International Space Station in 2017.

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CSI: Milky Way

Mar. 6, 2013—Two astronomers from Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech, sharing a car after a snowstorm canceled their flights home from a conference, put together everything they had learned at the conference during that snowy drive and worked out that a collision between two black holes could explain most of what is known of a violent episode in the Milky Way's past.

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Your Universe Today podcast: Supermassive Black Holes (Part 3)

Feb. 27, 2013—Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, assistant professor of astronomy and physics, wraps up this three-part podcast series with an interview about her specialty, supermassive black holes.

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Public lecture traces symmetry from Greeks to present day

Feb. 25, 2013—University of Maryland physics professor Sylvester "Jim" Gates will give a free public lecture that traces the important role that the concept of symmetry has played in physics from the time of the ancient Greeks through present-day efforts to create a physical “theory of everything.”

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Your Universe Today podcast: How stars die and black holes form (Part 2)

Jan. 28, 2013—Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, assistant professor of astronomy, continues her discussion of black holes in the second part of this interview for Red Orbit.

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Your Universe Today podcast: How stars die and black holes form (Part 1)

Jan. 24, 2013—Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, assistant professor of astronomy, talks about what sets black holes apart from other objects in the universe and explains how the laws of space, time and gravity bend and even break down to create the most destructive force in the cosmos.

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John Johnson to deliver 2013 Seyfert Lecture Jan. 17

Jan. 11, 2013—Caltech's John Johnson will discuss the success of NASA’s Kepler mission, which has identified hundreds of potentially habitable Earth-sized and smaller planets in the Milky Way, and Project Minerva, an innovative observation facility that uses an array of small telescopes rather than a single large telescope.

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College Halls to be named for distinguished figures from Vanderbilt’s history

Nov. 12, 2012—As the College Halls at Kissam construction project continues to take shape on the northeast corner of Vanderbilt’s campus, the university has announced plans to name the finished structures and areas within them in honor of several figures significant to the history and culture of the university.

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