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Nanoscale optical switch breaks miniaturization barrier

Mar. 13, 2014—An ultra-fast and ultra-small optical switch has been invented that could advance the day when photons replace electrons in the innards of consumer products ranging from cell phones to automobiles.

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New scientific revolutions subject of talk by eminent physicist Freeman Dyson

Mar. 6, 2014—Eminent theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson will give a free public lecture, "Four Revolutions and More to Come," on Thursday, March 27, at Vanderbilt.

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NSA official to deliver public lecture at Vanderbilt

Feb. 11, 2014—Rear Adm. Timothy White, deputy director of tailored access operations at the National Security Agency, will give a free public lecture on the activities of the NSA Thursday, Feb. 27, at 3 p.m. in Stevenson Center Room 4327.

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A science fiction short story by Bob Scherrer is podcast

Feb. 10, 2014—The UK audio science fiction magazine Starship Sofa has published a podcast of "Descartes' Stepchildren," a short story by Robert Scherrer, professor and chair of the Vanderbilt's department of physics and astronomy.

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Surprising new class of “hypervelocity stars” discovered escaping the galaxy

Jan. 9, 2014—Two Vanderbilt astronomers are among an international team that has discovered a surprising new class of “hypervelocity stars” – solitary stars moving fast enough to escape the gravitational grasp of the Milky Way galaxy.

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Top 10 research stories of 2013

Dec. 23, 2013—This year’s most popular research stories plumbed mysteries of the brain, examined complex social phenomena, shed light on dark matter, uncovered a surprising link between our three greatest health threats and more.

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College of Arts and Science 2013 Undergraduate Teaching Awards announced

Oct. 24, 2013—The College of Arts and Science recognized six faculty members with excellence in teaching and advising awards at its September faculty meeting.

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Event celebrates 12 Vanderbilt endowed chair holders

Aug. 30, 2013—Twelve Vanderbilt University faculty members named to endowed chairs were lauded for their extraordinary academic achievements during an Aug. 28 celebration.

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Tennessean op-ed: Solar energy is still in shadows

Aug. 20, 2013—More can be done with sun-powered electricity source, writes Dennis Hall, vice provost for research, dean of the Graduate School, professor of physics and professor of electrical engineering.

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New, simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter

Jun. 10, 2013—The reason dark matter, which makes up 85 percent of all the matter in the universe, is invisible could be because it possesses a rare, donut-shaped type of electromagnetism instead of the more exotic forces that have been proposed, according to an analysis of a pair of Vanderbilt theoretical physicists.

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World’s smallest droplets

May. 16, 2013—Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider, the world's most powerful particle accelerator, may have created the smallest drops of liquid made in the lab.

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Public lecture on latest efforts to probe the fabric of space and time

May. 8, 2013—UC-Santa Barbara physics professor Joe Incandela, a leader of the project that found the Higgs boson, will visit Vanderbilt and give a public lecture on the latest results from the Large Hadron Collider on Tuesday night, May 21st.

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