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Perry Wallace

VUCast: Feminism on TV

Jan. 28, 2015—In the latest VUCast: See how TV news impacted the women's rights movement; the story of the first African American to play basketball in the SEC scores big; and experts address hot-button issues in health care. Watch now!

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Wallace visits Nashville for book launch

Dec. 5, 2014—Perry Wallace, a true hero in Nashville and Vanderbilt history, came home to the Vanderbilt campus for a visit and to help launch a book about his life.

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Vanderbilt alum pens biography of the ‘Jackie Robinson of the SEC’

Nov. 25, 2014—The new book "Strong Inside" tells the story of Vanderbilt basketball player Perry Wallace, the first black basketball player in the SEC.

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Popdose profiles alumnus Andrew Maraniss and his upcoming book about Perry Wallace

Sep. 19, 2014—Andrew Maraniss, BA’92, first wrote about SEC pioneer Perry Wallace, BE’72, as a sophomore history major. Nearly 25 years later, Vanderbilt University Press will release Strong Inside: Perry Wallace and the Collision of Race and Sports in the South in December. profiles Maraniss and his passion to tell Wallace’s inspiring story.

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