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Peabody Research Institute

What women want: How personal desire impacts pressure for sex

Feb. 19, 2018—Young women who don’t comfortably see themselves in the role of “sexual beings” are at higher risk of performing undesired sexual acts to appease a partner.

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Research-practice partnerships strengthen ties with Vanderbilt faculty

Aug. 17, 2017—Education researchers shared knowledge with representatives of research-practice partnerships from across the nation.

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AERA articles by Vanderbilt researchers among ‘most read’ of 2016

Mar. 2, 2017—Emily Tanner-Smith, Jason Grissom and more Peabody researchers are featured on this year's list.

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$2.5M grant supports study that examines link between math and reading comprehension

Feb. 1, 2017—The research represents one of four Learning Disabilities Innovation Hubs established by the NIH in 2012.

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New juvenile drug treatment courts guidelines grounded in research

Jan. 20, 2017—Vanderbilt researchers helped re-write the guidelines for America's Juvenile drug treatment courts.

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Type of psychotherapy matters in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Dec. 12, 2016—A new study has found that the type of psychotherapy used to treat the gastrointestinal disorder irritable bowel syndrome makes a difference in improving patients' daily functioning.

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LGBTQ students feel safer at schools with gay-straight alliances

Jul. 25, 2016—High school gay-straight alliances promote a culture of tolerance that benefits students, Peabody researchers have found.

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Visible Security Measures in Schools- Academic and Behavioral Consequences

Mar. 24, 2015—Watch video of Emily Tanner-Smith, Research Assistant Professor on March 24th, 2015. Schools are increasingly using visible security measures (surveillance cameras, metal detectors, security personnel) in an attempt to promote student safety. This presentation will discuss findings from a recent study that examined how different patterns of visible security utilization were associated with U.S. middle...

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Problematic behavior in schools topic of Vanderbilt forum April 2

Mar. 3, 2015—Three leading education research scholars will speak at the Peabody Research Institute’s spring mini-conference.

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Vanderbilt research stories land on ‘Ed Week’ year-end lists

Jan. 2, 2015—Vanderbilt research landed on several 'Education Week' year-end lists for 2014.

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Pre-K ‘best practices’ goal of PRI, MNPS team

May. 16, 2014—Vanderbilt’s Peabody Research Institute will collaborate with Metro Schools’ newly appointed director of early learning innovation, Lisa Wiltshire, to create and document a preschool curriculum rooted in play, experimentation and discovery.

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New undergraduate and faculty research collaborations inspire, inform

Apr. 29, 2014—The Littlejohn Family Undergraduate Research Program enables Arts and Science undergraduates to conduct original research alongside faculty fellows.

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