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paige marta skiba

Op-ed: Americans with payday loans spent or saved their tax rebates, rather than using it to pay off debt

Apr. 15, 2015—In the London School of Economics blog, Paige Marta Skiba writes that most people with outstanding payday loan debt spent or saved a tax rebate instead of using it to pay off debt.

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TIP SHEET: Vanderbilt expert available to speak about payday loans

Mar. 26, 2015—Vanderbilt Law Professor Paige Marta Skiba is available to speak about payday loans.

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Top 10 research stories of 2013

Dec. 23, 2013—This year’s most popular research stories plumbed mysteries of the brain, examined complex social phenomena, shed light on dark matter, uncovered a surprising link between our three greatest health threats and more.

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The trouble with car title loans is NOT people losing their cars

Apr. 1, 2013—Less than 10 percent of vehicles involved in car title loans end up being repossessed, according to a new study by a professor from Vanderbilt Law School.

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VUCast: Pawn Stars

Oct. 26, 2012—This Week on VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast: Why one Vandy professor says pawn shops are a better economic move than you realize. Which gives a bigger political punch to undecided voters—the debates or negative ads? Go behind closed “Dores” to see what game day is really like.

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Pawn shops offer cash when others turn people away

Oct. 26, 2012—Perhaps pulled more into mainstream consciousness by television shows such as “Hard Core Pawn” and “Pawn Stars,” pawn shops have several advantages over the payday loan operations that have become the most visible source of loans for those with poor credit ratings.

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Lotteries: From big bucks to bankruptcy

Jul. 7, 2009—In this tough economy, the allure of buying lottery tickets seems like a pretty enticing way to erase financial problems. But new research from Vanderbilt Law School found that people who won between $50,000 and $150,000 did not solve their debt problems and only postponed bankruptcy.

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