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What do beer, dogs and cats have in common? A tale of microbial domestication

Jul. 12, 2012—Study maps the genetic changes involved in the domestication of Aspergillus oryzae, one of the fungi used to make sake, soy sauce and miso.

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Newborn star’s spots confirm stellar growth theory

Jul. 10, 2012—The latest observations of a newly born star have found that it has a pair of spots on its surface that are heated to more than one million degrees. The presence of these spots confirms a theory for how stellar infants grow advanced by Professor of Astronomy David Weintraub and a colleague.

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Record number of Vanderbilt grad students score prestigious NSF fellowships

Jun. 19, 2012—This year a record number of Vanderbilt Graduate School students have won prestigious National Science Foundation graduate research fellowships.

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Sengupta receives NSF CAREER award

Jun. 14, 2012—Peabody's Pratim Sengupta has won a prestigious CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.

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New clue to ADHD

May. 15, 2012—A rare genetic change adds support to the idea that altered dopamine signaling is a key risk factor for ADHD.

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Quantum dots brighten the future of lighting

May. 8, 2012—Vanderbilt researchers have boosted the efficiency of a novel source of white light called quantum dots more than tenfold, making them of potential interest for commercial applications.

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Rogue stars ejected from the galaxy found in intergalactic space

Apr. 30, 2012—Astronomers have identified nearly 700 rogue stars that appear to have been ejected from the Milky Way galaxy.

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High school students turn blackberries into solar cells

Mar. 21, 2012—VINSE is starting new high school field trip program where they will have students create a solar cell out of blackberries and raspberries.

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Barrier to faster graphene devices identified and suppressed

Mar. 13, 2012—Vanderbilt physicists report that they have nailed down the source of the interference inhibiting the rapid flow of electrons through graphene-based devices and found a way to suppress it.

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Ultrafast sonograms shed new light on rapid phase transitions

Mar. 7, 2012—A method for taking ultrafast "sonograms" of materials undergoing phase transitions sheds new light on the dynamics of this important phenomenon in the world’s fastest phase-change material.

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Science Nation: New mosquito repellant could be frightening…for mosquitoes

Mar. 6, 2012—

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App turns tablet into math aid for visually impaired students

Mar. 5, 2012—A mechanical engineering graduate student has created an app that turns Android tablets into an educational aid for teaching mathematics to visually impaired students.

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