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From Yugoslavia to endowed chair: six pillars of academic success

May. 18, 2011—I arrived in the states 21 years ago as a student, from what was to become the war-torn country of Yugoslavia. Twenty-one years later I am holding a title of James G. Blakemore Chair and vice chair for basic science research at the Department of Psychiatry at one of the most prestigious universities in the...

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Cells open doors for reovirus

May. 13, 2011—The cellular factor Src helps reoviruses enter cells.

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Early treatment reduces risk of passing HIV to partner by 96 percent

May. 13, 2011—HIV-positive men and women can dramatically reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to their sexual partners by beginning antiretroviral therapy early, new research finds.

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Investment in biomedical research yields jobs, billions in return

May. 11, 2011—Federal investment in scientific research is a major driver of job growth and economic activity, two economic reports released Tuesday indicate. The reports were released as budget deliberations got underway on Capitol Hill demonstrate the impact of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding on U.S. job growth and global competitiveness. One of the reports, from...

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New insect repellant may be thousands of times stronger than DEET

May. 9, 2011—Discovery of a new class of insect repellant raises the possibility of formulations that are thousands of times more effective than current repellants.

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Stents relieve post-infection problem

May. 5, 2011—Placing stents in blood vessels can provide long-term relief from rare complications of a fungal lung infection.

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Host cell factors keep toxin at bay

May. 3, 2011—Researchers have identified genes that may influence sensitivity of human cells to a bacterial toxin.

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Huge equipment delivery set for Stevenson Center May 7

May. 2, 2011—More than seven tons of equipment is set to be delivered to the Stevenson Center on May 7. A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer will be lifted in through the roof. The 900 MHz NMR spectrometer will be delivered to the Biomolecular NMR Center in the Stevenson Center at about 9:30 a.m. A crane will hoist...

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Gene variant impacts exercise blood pressure

Apr. 28, 2011—Subtle genetic changes can have big effects on blood pressure while exercising.

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Fishing for a new model of tuberous sclerosis complex

Apr. 27, 2011—A zebrafish model of the genetic disease tuberous sclerosis complex will speed new discoveries.

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Potassium channel gene modifies epilepsy risk

Apr. 18, 2011—The discovery of a new gene that can influence a person's risk for developing epilepsy could improve diagnostic tools and open the door for new therapies.

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Dialing down the mercury

Apr. 14, 2011—Antioxidant compounds may counteract the neurotoxic effects of methylmercury, new research suggests.

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