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My Southern Health: How to help children understand natural disasters

Sep. 16, 2018—Natural disasters, even when far away, can cause children to become concerned about their own safety. Here’s how to talk them through it.

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My Southern Health: Parents share lessons learned in the NICU

Sep. 16, 2018—After nine and a half months in the hospital with his newborn daughter, a father shares strategies for families coping with long inpatient stays.

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My Southern Health: Exercise and breast cancer

Aug. 31, 2018—Physical activity boosts health, including for people being treated for breast cancer.

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My Southern Health: Bringing children to the emergency room

Aug. 27, 2018—Taking a child to the emergency room can be scary, but being prepared can make the experience less traumatic.

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My Southern Health: Smart strategies for avoiding child heatstroke in the car

Aug. 10, 2018—During this time of year, it is important to remember that heatstroke can and does happen to children left in hot cars. The safety experts at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt want you to know that every minute counts.

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My Southern Health: After lung cancer, aspiring minister aims for a ‘significant life’

Aug. 6, 2018—On a humid summer day in 2006, Taylor Stokes became ill on a plane from dehydration and inhaling fumes on the jetway. Stokes, however, describes that unpleasant experience as “providential.” It led to a lung cancer diagnosis.

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My Southern Health: What does it mean to have dense breasts?

Aug. 6, 2018—Learning you have dense breasts can prompt many questions, including how this affects your risk of breast cancer.

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My Southern Health: Valsartan recall: What you should know

Jul. 26, 2018—If you are wondering what to do after hearing news about the recall of certain drugs used to treat high blood pressure, the first message from experts at Vanderbilt Health is this: keep taking your medication.

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My Southern Health: Myths about type 2 diabetes

Jul. 20, 2018—A diabetes expert sorts myth from fact when it comes to type 2 diabetes.

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My Southern Health: Low-back pain? You’re not alone … at all

Jul. 20, 2018—Get the scoop on sciatica, one of the most common lower-back pains.

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My Southern Health: The symptoms of cholangiocarcinoma

Jul. 13, 2018—The signs of this rare bile-duct cancer typically go unnoticed at first. Here’s what to know.

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My Southern Health: Opioid addiction and pregnancy

Jul. 13, 2018—Get a primer on these addictive drugs and how they affect pregnant women.

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