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Mindy Leelawong

Streamlined diagnostic approach to COVID-19 can avoid potential testing logjam

Jul. 29, 2020—Vanderbilt biomedical engineers have developed COVID-19 tests immune to supply chain shortages.

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BME team develops quick DNA test for malaria drug resistance

Jun. 13, 2019—One of the keys to quickly diagnosing anti-malarial drug resistance — potentially saving lives — lies in testing whole blood instead of extracting DNA, eliminating processing steps that can take hours or days. A team of Vanderbilt University biomedical engineers cracked the code to doing just that and are working on applying the method to...

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Quick DNA test for malaria drug resistance is life-saver, holds promise for other diseases

Jun. 12, 2019—Doctors formerly had to extract the malaria parasite’s DNA first, virtually impossible to do in rural, low-resource areas.

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