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Mind and Brain

Stress and trauma in earliest years linked to reduced hippocampal volume in adolescence

Dec. 19, 2018—There may be a "sensitive period" in which stress is more likely to affect brain development in adolescence, according to Kathryn L. Humphreys, assistant professor of psychology at Vanderbilt and lead author of a new study.

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Immigrant children in ‘tender age shelters’ at risk for psychological disorders

Dec. 19, 2018—The practice of separating immigrant children from their parents is very likely to lead to negative effects on emotional and mental health in adolescence.

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Laurie Cutting, Vanderbilt educational neuroscientist, honored with NIH Merit Award

Oct. 5, 2018—Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Special Education Laurie Cutting has received a $3 million NIH Merit Award from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

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How the brain learns a second language is focus of Vanderbilt study

Sep. 24, 2018—Vanderbilt University has received a four-year, $552,273 grant from the National Science Foundation to fund an exciting new research project that will examine how the brain learns a second language.

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Vanderbilt’s Gavin Price receives NSF CAREER Award

Mar. 22, 2018—The National Science Foundation has awarded a Faculty Early Career Development Grant to Gavin R. Price, assistant professor of psychology, to further his research on Developmental Dyscalculia.

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Humphreys receives APS Rising Star award

Jan. 17, 2018—Kathyrn Humphreys, B.S.’05, has been named an APS Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science. Now completing postdoctoral studies at Stanford University, Humphreys will join Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College Department of Psychology and Human Development this fall.

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Peabody psychologist: How fake news works

Oct. 20, 2017—Combating fake news and bolstering the public’s trust in journalism is the aim of a Vanderbilt research project that was selected to receive a share of a $1 million prize through the Knight Prototype Fund.

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New faculty: James Booth, Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Educational Neuroscience

Oct. 12, 2017—One of James Booth’s biggest research challenges is keeping his young subjects from getting wiggly while measuring their brain activity during an MRI scan. As a neurocognitive researcher, he uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to tease out how children’s brains develop academic skills.

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