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Open house for faculty interested in Residential Colleges set for April 20

Apr. 16, 2018—Vanderbilt faculty who are interested in serving in either residential or programmatic roles within the university’s Residential College system are invited to an open house on Friday, April 20.

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Vanderbilt issues call for residential faculty

Feb. 6, 2017—As Vanderbilt University moves forward with the expansion of the College Halls, it anticipates an increase in the need for new and replacement residential faculty members.

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Professors get pies in the face for charity

Nov. 12, 2012—As a part of Disabilities Awareness Week, students were given the opportunity to blow off a little midterm steam by putting a pie in the face of a favorite professor or administrator. The activity was a fundraiser for Chair Scholars, an organization that provides assistance to students with disabilities seeking to attend college, and was...

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