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Labor unions help employees take more paid maternity leave

Sep. 20, 2018—Labor unions help working mothers take better advantage of their maternity leave benefits but could do more to mitigate the wage penalties that women experience following maternity leave.

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Putting a price tag on a person’s life could make America safer and fairer

Jun. 25, 2018—Vanderbilt economist W. Kip Viscusi says putting a price tag on the value of a person’s life makes people and products safer.

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When disaster doesn’t strike: New book explores the study of highly reliable organizations

Mar. 1, 2018—Organizational reliability expert Rangaraj Ramanujam co-edited a new book consolidating 30 years of top research into what makes high-stakes organizations work.

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How to get the most from Millennial and Generation Z employees

Jun. 21, 2016—Millennials have emerged as the largest age cohort in today’s U.S. workforce, bringing digital savvy and an "always-on" mentality to most jobs. Yet, millennials and the upcoming Generation Z are also challenging traditional employers with their professional restlessness and increased need for feedback and mentoring.

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Study: Bad middle managers are just a reflection of their bosses

Jan. 26, 2015—Keeping middle managers happy with their supervisors is the key to retaining the lower-level workers they manage and avoiding expensive turnover costs, according to a Vanderbilt University study.

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Consumers like a ‘partner in crime’ whether they indulge or resist temptation

Jun. 17, 2014—People are natural accomplices who like to conspire together to enjoy a small indulgence, and conversely to resist temptation together when the stakes are higher, finds Associate Professor of Marketing Kelly L. Haws in a new study.

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Wall Street Journal: Rail safety and the value of life

Jun. 25, 2013—W. Kip Viscusi, University Distinguished Professor of Law, Economics, and Management, is quoted on an age-old regulatory predicament—namely, whether or not spending to make one thing safe steers money away from addressing a more serious threat elsewhere.

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Why customer loyalty doesn’t always pay

Oct. 17, 2011—New research by Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management professor Bruce Cooil and his coauthors finds that for all the attention companies pay to achieving high satisfaction levels among their customers, what matters most is how well a company ranks in comparison to rivals. No matter how much a customer likes a company or product, if they don’t like it more than the competition, they don’t always put their money where their mouth is.

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Vanderbilt launches new accounting program focused on valuation

Aug. 31, 2011—The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management has launched a new master of accountancy program that focuses on preparing students for a highly sought-after career in valuation services for an international public accounting firm. The MAcc Valuation program is currently recruiting students to join the first class starting in August of 2012.

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