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Education Week: More churn at the top in large districts

Dec. 4, 2012—A study of California school districts by Jason Grissom, assistant professor of public policy and education, shows that nearly half of superintendents left their districts within three years, including nearly three-quarters of the superintendents of the largest districts.

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New research to help principals use teacher effectiveness for hiring, retention decisions

Nov. 29, 2012—Helping school administrators navigate an ever-growing stream of teacher effectiveness data and apply it to their human capital decision-making is the focus of a Vanderbilt University study, which was awarded a $590,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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School choice: Not your father’s classroom

Nov. 28, 2012—Peabody professor Ellen Goldring comments on a battle over school reform that could reshape public education in Michigan.

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Nov. 15, 2012—The first school system"report card" the Birmingham Education Foundation released Thursday is the product of the two-year-old organization's efforts to qualify and quantify the challenges and opportunities of the Birmingham City Schools system. In the last year, two graduate students from Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of Education have distilled more than 14,000 complaints and suggestions that more than 2,000 residents and parents gave at 125 community meetings and focus groups.

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Homeschooling goes under the microscope in new Peabody research

Nov. 12, 2012—In a first-of-its-kind analysis, Peabody researcher Joseph Murphy examines the highly understudied homeschooling movement and its impact on students and society.

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The Tennessean: Hobbyist puts concerts in homes

Oct. 31, 2012—If measured by Malcolm Gladwell’s rule of a 10,000-hour prerequisite, Peabody graduate student Larry Kloess has surpassed expert status into the territory of sheer fanaticism — but in the best way possible, by Music City standards. He has cultivated a passion for exposing Nashville to undiscovered talent through his blog and house concert series, Cause A Scene Music.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Pre-k paying off, experts say

Oct. 26, 2012—Pre-kindergarten is paying off in giving children a head start in learning basic education and life skills, said Gary Henry, professor of public policy and education, and other experts said in a televised forum in Atlanta.

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Peabody alumnus and Lynn University president Kevin Ross

Oct. 23, 2012—Skip ahead to 12:45 to watch Lynn University president and Peabody alum Kevin Ross' welcome remarks for the third presidential debate, held at Lynn University.

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Washington Post: Hidden rival to charter schools

Oct. 22, 2012—Homeschools are emerging as a kind of invisible rival to charter schools for parents seeking alternatives to the public school system, according to the Washington Post. Joseph Murphy, Frank W. Mayborn Chair, Dean of Special Projects and author of “Homeschooling in America: Capturing and Assessing the Movement,” is quoted extensively.

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LPO Colloquium Event: Dr. Susanna Loeb

Oct. 19, 2012—  Dr. Susanna Loeb talks about the effect of teacher turnover on student achievement.

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Former teachers’ return to classroom feeds workforce, gender differences prevalent

Sep. 26, 2012—New research examines what factors lead to teachers re-entering the teaching profession after exiting.

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Sustaining, ‘scaling up’ effective practices of urban high schools focus of research

Sep. 24, 2012—Researchers are examining what characteristics make some large, urban high schools particularly effective with low-income and minority students.

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