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LPO Colloquium Event: Dr. Susanna Loeb

Oct. 19, 2012—  Dr. Susanna Loeb talks about the effect of teacher turnover on student achievement.

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Former teachers’ return to classroom feeds workforce, gender differences prevalent

Sep. 26, 2012—New research examines what factors lead to teachers re-entering the teaching profession after exiting.

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Sustaining, ‘scaling up’ effective practices of urban high schools focus of research

Sep. 24, 2012—Researchers are examining what characteristics make some large, urban high schools particularly effective with low-income and minority students.

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Claire Smrekar in The Tennessean: Role of public education is key

Aug. 8, 2012—Public education is fundamental to the aims of promoting democracy, social efficiency, and social mobility, writes Claire Smrekar, associate professor of leadership, policy and organizations at Peabody.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education: Why the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act still matters

Jul. 16, 2012—Christopher Loss, assistant professor of public policy and higher education at Peabody College, authored this opinion piece about the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act.

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Nature: Education: Make mentorship matter

Jul. 12, 2012—In Nature, Peabody professor John M. Braxton calls for teaching-integrity committees to deal with academics who fail in their responsibilities.

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The Tennessean: In Nashville, housing options push working class to the edge

Jul. 11, 2012—Peabody researchers Claire Smrekar and James Fraser comment on the economic and social problems created by high housing and transportation costs for low-income workers.

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Effective high schools, ‘scaling up’ less effective schools subject of upcoming conference

Jun. 5, 2012—The National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools will host a conference on effective high schools and transferring those methods to less effective schools June 10-12.

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Founder of ‘Knowledge is Power Program’ to speak at Vanderbilt

Mar. 22, 2012—The founder of the Knowledge is Power Program will speak on the completion results and growth of this national network of public schools.

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Vanderbilt expert available to comment on ‘No Child Left Behind’ waivers

Feb. 9, 2012—Vanderbilt University researcher Ron Zimmer says many states are seeking No Child Left Behind waivers because states are required to raise the bar on the number of students reaching proficiency standards.

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TIPSHEET: Experts on Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind) available

Jan. 2, 2012—Education experts from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development are available to talk to media regarding the much-anticipated bill that would overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – also known as No Child Left Behind.

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Teacher compensation ‘incredibly inefficient,’ new research finds

May. 18, 2011—New research from the National Center on Performance Incentives at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College finds teacher salaries have significant consequences on school staffing and workforce quality.

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