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Leslie Labruto

Good Day Sunshine: Vanderbilt alumni pour their energy into solar power

Jun. 8, 2018—Solar power appears ready for its moment in the sun after decades of unfulfilled promise, and several Vanderbilt alumni are leading the way to ensure that solar is not just a feel-good energy source but an economically viable one as well.

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Young alumna’s passions fuel sustainable solutions globally

Jan. 21, 2014—Vanderbilt alumna Leslie Labruto’s early career trajectory illustrates just how many ways a young civil environmental engineer can accommodate both her heart’s leaning and her tangible talents – in as many places as possible. Before she graduated from the School of Engineering in 2011, Leslie’s studies and service work had already taken her to Argentina,...

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Jun. 2, 2011—Read about Vanderbilt faculty, staff, student and alumni's latest awards, appointments and achievements

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Zero-Proof 21st Birthday: Safe water for hundreds of people was her best gift ever

Nov. 12, 2010—Think back to a day you may or may not remember so well: your 21st birthday. For most, it’s a day celebrated with a drink. About a month before my Sept. 8 birthday, I was already thinking about “drinking” on my birthday—but not in the way you might think. For my 21st birthday I wanted...

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VUCast: How Happy Birthday = making a difference

Sep. 23, 2010—How Happy Birthday means making a difference; shame vs. guilt; and calling all Vandy sports videos/photos. It’s VUCast time for Sept. 23, 2010.

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