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Lectures and events

Freedom Rider Jerry Moore featured at Vanderbilt Religion in the Arts event

Feb. 10, 2015—Musician Ivor "Jerry" Moore, one of the original Freedom Riders, will be featured at a Feb. 23 performance event sponsored by Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

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‘Synchromism’ topic of Vanderbilt art history lecture

Nov. 20, 2014—University of Pennsylvania visual arts scholar Michael Leja will discuss the early 20th-century art movement known as Synchromism when he delivers the Goldberg Lecture Dec. 4 at Cohen Hall.

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Overcoming challenges to scientific innovation topic of (Lunch) Box talk

Nov. 4, 2014—Environmental scientist Chris Vanags will discuss overcoming obstacles to scientific innovation at the Nov. 5 Thinking Out of the (Lunch) Box talk at the Nashville Public Library.

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Harrod Lecture looks at impact of food trends on Native American culture

Nov. 3, 2014—A University of Iowa professor will discuss the impact of renewed popularity of a bison-based diet on Native American communities when she delivers the Howard L. Harrod Lecture at Vanderbilt Divinity School Nov. 6.

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‘New Yorker’ cartoonist, humor writer to speak at Vanderbilt

Oct. 17, 2014—Liza Donnelly, a writer and cartoonist for "The New Yorker" magazine, will speak at Vanderbilt's Student Life Center on Monday, Nov. 10.

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Vanderbilt Libraries plan Open Access Week celebration

Oct. 17, 2014—Vanderbilt Libraries' celebration of Open Access Week includes an Oct. 23 talk by Duke University Law School Associate Dean Richard Danner.

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Vanderbilt biblical scholar offers fresh look at Jesus’ parables

Sep. 2, 2014—Biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine places Jesus' parables in their first-century context in her new book "Short Stories by Jesus."

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‘Who Stole the American Dream?’ author to discuss inequality in America

Jun. 19, 2014—Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith and civil rights advocate John Seigenthaler will host a forum on the inequality of income in America.

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Impact Symposium: Sen. George Mitchell

Mar. 29, 2013—Watch a conversation with former Sen. George Mitchell, who served as U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace from 2009 to 2011 and as independent chairman of the Northern Ireland Peace Talks, facilitated by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Maraniss at Vanderbilt University March 18, 2013.

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