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New Vanderbilt joint program to produce lawyers with master’s degree in finance

Jul. 11, 2014—Vanderbilt Law School and Owen Graduate School of Management are collaborating on an exciting new program

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Should the government be legally liable for failing to act?

Jun. 23, 2014—Christopher Serkin of Vanderbilt Law School has the "startling" opinion that government entities should be held legally responsible if they fail to make laws protecting the rights of property owners.

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Insider trading laws are becoming anachronistic, law professor says

Jan. 8, 2014—Insider trading may be too engrained in the financial system in transactions such as credit default swaps to make banning it feasible, says a Vanderbilt law professor.

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Kenneth W. Mack is MLK speaker for Vanderbilt Law School

Jan. 6, 2014—Author and Harvard University professor Kenneth W. Mack will deliver the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture on Jan. 23 at Vanderbilt Law School.

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Patents should not have to be ‘useful’ to be approved: Vanderbilt professor

Nov. 19, 2013—New inventions should not have to be useful to merit a patent, says Vanderbilt professor Sean B. Seymore.

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Vanderbilt study: Hiring practices preventing change in law school faculties

Nov. 12, 2013—Law school faculties are not changing with the times, and a Vanderbilt Law School professor says it may be time to look at hiring practices.

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Sociologist John Skrentny to speak on race in the workplace

Oct. 17, 2013—A sociologist from California will speak Oct. 25 at the law school about race in the workplace.

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Vanderbilt law professor Sitaraman wins Palmer Prize

Oct. 10, 2013—The prestigious Palmer Prize was awarded by IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law to Vanderbilt Law School's Ganesh Sitaraman.

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VUCast: Vandy’s closeup in hit show Nashville

Oct. 2, 2013—Vandy’s supporting role in hit show Nashville Who is that with actor Alan Alda? And the sound of music for the Mighty Sky   All this and more in VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.  

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Joining the Legal Peace Corps

Aug. 12, 2013—Skadden Fellowships kick-start careers in the public interest Terry Maroney’s enthusiasm for the Skadden Foundation Fellowship is rooted in her own experience. After earning her law degree at NYU and clerking on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Maroney spent two years in New York working at the Urban Justice Center as a Skadden Fellow....

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Dick Aldrich Jr. ’75 is a citizen of the world, but he found a home when he came to Vanderbilt Law School

Aug. 5, 2013—Richard S. (Dick) Aldrich Jr. ’75 is a citizen of the world, but he found a home when he came to Vanderbilt Law School. The renowned international capital markets lawyer was born in New York, raised in New York, Rhode Island and Brazil, and then majored in Latin at Brown. After earning his undergraduate degree,...

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Vanderbilt planning for the future

Jul. 5, 2013—An executive committee has been named and will meet regularly this summer to develop a framework of ideas to guide a university-wide academic strategic planning process that will set the course for Vanderbilt’s future.

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