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Laura Beskow

Study sheds light on importance of comprehension when obtaining consent

Jun. 6, 2019—A study from Vanderbilt’s Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society is bringing renewed focus on the concept of comprehension of informed consent for research purposes.

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Ethics study explores precision medicine’s risks, rewards

Nov. 30, 2018—Results of the study suggest the prospect of an array of individual and societal benefits to personalized medicine, as well as risks for physical, dignitary, group, economic, psychological and legal harms, many of which may have been over-emphasized or overlooked in the literature.

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New endowed chair holders in A&S, Law, Medicine and Owen honored

Sep. 18, 2018—Eight Vanderbilt professors who are the university’s newest endowed chair holders were celebrated during a ceremony on Monday at the Student Life Center attended by their colleagues, family members and donors.

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