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Harsh immigration rhetoric pushes Latinos away: Survey

Mar. 4, 2016—When Latinos hear tough talk about immigrants and immigration from politicians, their level of political trust is reduced and they start identifying more with their ethnic group than other qualities such as class or religion.

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The role the immigration debate will play through the election cycle

Nov. 28, 2011—The tenor of the immigration debate will probably change as the candidates get closer to the general election. Assistant professor of political science Efrén Pérez explains why the immigration debate is likely to evolve. View 2012 election expertise information for Efren Perez >> Visit ElectionVU to find all Vanderbilt experts on the 2012 election >>

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Researcher: Republicans are fumbling the immigration issue

Nov. 28, 2011—When the Republican presidential candidates ramp up anti-immigrant rhetoric this campaign season, they are likely to alienate conservative-leaning Latinos.

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