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Family life impedes political participation by women

Apr. 30, 2012—The responsibilities of family life tend to impede political participation by women in the Americas, a new study from the Latin American Public Opinion Project at Vanderbilt University shows.

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Americas Quarterly: The effect of skin color in the Americas

Mar. 6, 2012—Because racial identification is much more fluid in Latin America and the Caribbean than it is in the United States, researchers with Vanderbilt’s Latin American Public Opinion Project used actual skin color rather than racial identity to examine the effect of ethnicity on equality issues like class and educational attainment.

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Haitians still believe in democracy after devastating earthquake

May. 24, 2011—A new poll shows that Haitians have reacted to a devastating 2010 earthquake much as expected, with one notable exception. The destruction and poverty caused by the earthquake have done remarkably little to erode confidence in democracy.

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U.S. citizens didn’t lose hope during economic crisis, Vanderbilt survey finds

Jul. 27, 2010—People in the United States are more optimistic and resilient in hard times than is commonly believed, a new survey from Vanderbilt University indicates.

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Vanderbilt survey to gauge how Nashvillians interface with, impact community; Engaging Nashville survey first project of new Center for Nashville Studies

May. 31, 2007—Researchers at Vanderbilt University will begin this week contacting Davidson County residents regarding their attitudes about their individual engagement in the community — from the arts and the economy to politics, religion and schools.

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