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Kenneth Pence

Game theory can help predict crime before it occurs

Oct. 21, 2014—A team headed by Eugene Vorobeychik, assistant professor of computer science and computer engineering, uses game theory and big data to optimize policing.

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Top 10 research stories of 2013

Dec. 23, 2013—This year’s most popular research stories plumbed mysteries of the brain, examined complex social phenomena, shed light on dark matter, uncovered a surprising link between our three greatest health threats and more.

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University Club announces board appointments

Apr. 26, 2013—The University Club of Nashville has announced the 2013 Board of Directors.

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Tracking gunfire with a smartphone

Apr. 25, 2013—A team of computer engineers from Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Software Integrated Systems has developed an inexpensive hardware module and related software that can transform an Android smartphone into a simple shooter location system.

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Hurricane Katrina one year later: Have we learned any lessons?

Aug. 22, 2006—Hundreds of lives could have been saved from Hurricane Katrina's rampage in Louisiana if the powers-that-be had followed their own crisis plans, believed the hurricane experts and communicated to residents in graphic terms the devastation that was coming their way.

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