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Jonathan Irish

Discovery of aggressive cancer cell types by Vanderbilt researchers made possible with machine learning techniques

Jun. 24, 2020—Rebecca Ihrie and Jonathan Irish are leading the development of machine learning applications for brain cancer research.

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Artificial intelligence offers a chance to optimize COVID-19 treatment in international partnership

May. 29, 2020—Jonathan Irish joins an international collaboration by deploying artificial intelligence to optimize COVID-19 treatment and vaccine development.

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Deep Healing: Two alumni are making waves in drug discovery by plumbing the oceans’ depths for new therapeutic molecules

Sep. 6, 2018—Sirenas, a San Diego-based company founded by Vanderbilt alumni Eduardo Esquenazi, BS'98, and Jake Beverage, BA'98, is applying trailblazing methods toward drug discovery.

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Looking beyond the ‘magic bullet’ approach to drug discovery

May. 1, 2018—Vanderbilt scientists have developed a new process that can rapidly and inexpensively identify personalized cancer drugs derived from nature.

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Investigators seek new way to define cell identity

Mar. 2, 2017—Vanderbilt researchers hope their new method to describe cells will be widely adopted and used to generate a “Who’s Who” database of cell types.

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Single-cell analysis of solid tumors

Dec. 12, 2016—A new method will make it possible to study solid tumors and healthy tissues using mass cytometry.

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