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January 2012 Vanderbilt View

Nurses on a Mission

Jan. 1, 2012—How three Vanderbilt nurses are changing the world, one child at a time Marie Phillips, Kathy Warren and Theresa Hook are Vanderbilt nurses, but they don’t clock in at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. They wear School of Nursing identification badges, but you won’t see them in the halls of Vanderbilt’s hospitals or clinics. Through a...

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University Redux

Jan. 1, 2012—Students at Vanderbilt’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute are proof that learning never stops Tucked away in a second-floor meeting space at The Commons Center, not far from the bustle of freshmen finishing up meals in the dining hall, checking mail or just passing through on the way to class, convenes a bright-eyed group of students eager to discuss...

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Inside Out

Jan. 1, 2012—Community Connections aims to enrich the work lives of Vanderbilt staff As one of Tennessee’s largest employers, Vanderbilt is, in essence, a small city. More than 22,000 workers comprise this bustling community, which is service-minded, rich in creativity and culturally diverse. What better place to find kindred spirits, like-minded hobbyists, caring companions and potential mentors? But –...

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No Way Home

Jan. 1, 2012—Vijay Padmanabhan helps tread the line between detainees’ safety and human rights Candidate Barack Obama pledged in 2008 to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. But as President Obama runs for re-election four years later, it remains open. Vanderbilt law professor and former State Department adviser Vijay Padmanabhan says Obama learned the same thing that...

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Editor’s Note

Jan. 1, 2012—My paternal grandmother, Elsie, always wanted me to become a nurse. She told my sisters and me time and again that if we were to make anything of ourselves, we needed to go to nursing school. An orphan adopted by a Mennonite family in Central Illinois at the turn of the century, Elsie had little...

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Jan. 1, 2012—Devin Bender, a support specialist in the emergency department; Melinda Caudill, a medical technologist in the Virology Laboratory; and Katie Gentry, a child life specialist, each have received the Credo Award, given to staff and faculty who exemplify Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s standards for service and all-around professionalism. Colin Dayan, the Robert Penn Warren Professor...

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Looking Back

Jan. 1, 2012—Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Russian Jewish emigrants in 1922, Stanley Cohen attended Brooklyn College, where he majored in biology and chemistry. After graduation, he worked as a bacteriologist at a milk processing plant to earn money before seeking a master’s degree in zoology at Oberlin College, then a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University...

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Jen-Jen Lin, What’s Your Story?

Jan. 1, 2012—Jen-Jen Lin keeps six lions in her basement and a dragon in the closet. The awesome lion costumes live at her home until brought to life by dancers who perform the traditional Chinese Lion Dance under her direction. The spectacular 60-foot dragon, used in the traditional Dragon Dance, is a wonder of craftsmanship kept in...

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