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James McBride

‘Flying saucer’ quantum dots hold secret to better, brighter lasers

Mar. 20, 2017—Vanderbilt University chemists collaborated in research that ‘squashes’ the shape of nanoparticles to create inexpensive lasers that continuously emit light in a customizable rainbow of colors.

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Writer James McBride to present the 2014 Harry Howard Lecture

Sep. 25, 2014—James McBride, who wrote the National Book Award winner "The Good Lord Bird," will give the Harry C. Howard Jr. Lecture Oct. 2 at Sarratt Cinema.

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Quantum dots brighten the future of lighting

May. 8, 2012—Vanderbilt researchers have boosted the efficiency of a novel source of white light called quantum dots more than tenfold, making them of potential interest for commercial applications.

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