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Immersion Vanderbilt Pathway Civic and Professional

Class of 2014: Lisa Koenig uses technology to build cultural exchange

Apr. 29, 2014—Lisa Koenig's passion for service inspired her to create a distance-tutoring program that teaches English to children in Pakistan.

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Class of 2014: Harvey Burrell is a cross-country crusader

Apr. 29, 2014—A last-minute decision to sign up for a film production class changed the trajectory of Harvey Burrell’s life.

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Life-changing Internship

Feb. 11, 2014—A former Vanderbilt student dreamed of using business and economics to help the poorest people in the world help themselves. That student was micro-loan pioneer and nobel-prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Now another Vandy student is following this dream, as Amy Wolf reports.

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A Vanderbilt student produces amazing music from a student-run studio

Apr. 11, 2013—Arts and science student Branden Sanders had a vision when he came to Vanderbilt—to make recording great music more accessible and affordable. Now this Curb Scholar is making that dream a sweet-sounding reality.

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