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Reclaiming America’s faith and promise

Jul. 1, 2011—Vanderbilt University professor of law and political science Carol Swain believes that America’s departure from our founding fathers’ Judeo-Christian roots has come at a cost politically, socially and morally.

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Illegal immigrants finding it harder to pay taxes, submit tax returns

Apr. 14, 2011—Illegal immigrants are finding it increasingly harder to find work, pay taxes and submit tax returns because of tighter immigration restrictions.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt expert able to comment on DREAM Act

Dec. 6, 2010—As members of Congress spar over whether or not to provide tuition benefits and a path to legalization to undocumented students through the DREAM Act, an examination of the nation’s first state-level “dream act” indicates such policy effectively boosts college enrollment by these students.

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Vanderbilt value-of-life study shows Mexican immigrants fare far worse than other immigrants, U.S. natives

Oct. 26, 2010—It has been long suspected that Mexican immigrants often work on dangerous and unpleasant jobs for low pay.  New research by Vanderbilt University Law School professors Joni Hersch and W. Kip Viscusi provides hard evidence on the risks and rewards for risky jobs. They find that Mexican immigrants are concentrated in jobs with high risk...

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VUCast: Lean learning and extreme giving

Oct. 8, 2010—A new way to teach healthy habits to kids and rebuilding what the Nashville flood destroyed.

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Vanderbilt students create online directory to help Nashville immigrants

Sep. 30, 2010—Editor’s note: The website described in this archived article is no longer live. Updated Aug. 6, 2013 An online directory designed to help connect Nashville immigrants to resources for English instruction and other services has been launched by students at Vanderbilt University. The website went online on Sept. 30. Designed for use by agencies who...

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Video: “Immigration in a Time of Economic Crisis: Downturns and Returns in US/Mexico Relations”

Sep. 23, 2010—The Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies, ConexiónAméricas and the Woodrow Wilson Center Mexico Institute presented this Sept. 7, 2010, roundtable discussion of the effects of recent economic downturn on Mexican immigration to the U.S. The panel brought together leading experts to analyze the interrelation of immigration, economic crisis, and increased border security—and what this...

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Immigration in a time of crisis focus of Vanderbilt roundtable discussion

Sep. 3, 2010—Mexican immigration to the United States and the effects of the economic crisis and increased border security on U.S.-Mexico relations will be the subject of a Sept. 7 roundtable discussion at the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt’s Center for Latin American Studies, Conexión Américas and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for...

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Implicit bias against Latinos affects all immigrants, Vanderbilt research shows

Jul. 1, 2010—Most Americans, despite their best intentions, harbor a negative bias against Latino immigrants, which deeply colors their outlook on policy proposals for immigration reform, according to research findings by Vanderbilt University political scientist Efren Perez. “I found that when the issue of immigration is broached, whether legal or illegal,   many individuals automatically think of Latino...

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