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Sync Higi to report blood pressure, weight to Health Plus

Jun. 19, 2019—Understanding and tracking weight and blood pressure is an important part of wellness. Faculty and staff can now check blood pressure and weight with Higi machines – making staying on top of your health numbers convenient, simple, fun and rewarding.

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Wellcast: ‘The Mediterranean Diet Goes Global’

Jun. 19, 2019—Marilyn Holmes, associate director of the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center and a registered dietitian, talks about the many healthy components of the Mediterranean diet for International Mediterranean Diet Month.

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Register for TASTE nutrition challenge

Jun. 19, 2019—Discard the idea that a healthy diet has to be tasteless, boring and restrictive. For 10 weeks, you will gain practical information that will help you take your current nutrition status to the next level.

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Vandy Cooks: ‘Enjoying Beef in the Mediterranean Diet’ July 12

Jun. 7, 2019—Come celebrate Beef Month in July and learn how lean red meat fits into one of the best- balanced eating plans, the Mediterranean diet. Karman Meyer, a registered dietitian with the Tennessee Beef Council, will prepare a Greek balance bowl featuring top sirloin steak, quinoa and other traditional ingredients and flavors of the Mediterranean region.

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Join the Health Plus Summer Shape-Up Challenge

Jun. 7, 2019—Shape up for the summer and beyond by joining the Summer Shape-Up Challenge. Compete to get more exercise, have fun, and feel great. The Summer Shape-Up Challenge runs June 10 through August 16. 

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First two steps of Go for the Gold now available

Jun. 5, 2019—Faculty and staff paying for Vanderbilt Health Plan benefits beginning Jan. 1, 2020, can earn up to $240 in wellness credit by completing Go for the Gold.

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Vandy Walks: Campus in bloom

Jun. 4, 2019—Led by faculty and staff, Vandy Walks is a walking series brought to you by Health Plus and the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.

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Host Health Plus’ CORE Nutrition at your office

May. 29, 2019—CORE Nutrition offers practical recipes, healthy samples, and reliable nutrition information in a fun, come and go atmosphere.

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Take a mindful break with Health Plus

May. 22, 2019—Follow along with Health Plus’s Mindful Break video to feel relaxed and renewed. 

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Get moving with Health Plus Body Weight Exercise video

May. 16, 2019—Follow along with Health Plus’ Body Weight Exercise video to experience a quick, effective workout anywhere, anytime. No special clothes or equipment are required.

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Wellcast: ‘There’s an App for That! Self-Monitoring Your Healthy Habits’

May. 15, 2019—David Schlundt, associate professor of psychology, discusses why self-monitoring is so effective in helping establish healthy habits and shares the best ways to self-monitor.

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Vandy Cooks: ‘Eating Right for a Good Night’s Sleep’ June 7

May. 13, 2019—Join Karman Meyer, a registered dietitian and the author of the newly published book "Eat To Sleep," as she discusses how the food we eat can impact our sleep and shares two simple recipes featuring sleep-benefiting foods you should be eating regularly.

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