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Vanderbilt expert on what to expect when you’re expecting a government shutdown

Dec. 7, 2017—Congress has given itself until Dec. 22 to produce a new budget, but Bruce Oppenheimer, professor of political science, says that's not a guarantee that a deal will be made. Here's what he's going to be watching for.

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No surprise: Women worked behind the scenes to secure agreement

Oct. 17, 2013—Alan Wiseman's research shows that women lawmakers, particularly ones in the minority party, are more effective than their male counterparts when it comes to negotiating and getting things done--as they did to end the government shutdown.

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Expert: Why Washington won’t work

Oct. 2, 2013—Policymakers in Washington, D.C., increasingly are earning the distrust of the American people, and the current impasse that led to a government shutdown is no exception, according to Marc Hetherington, a political science professor and author of two books on trust and polarization in American government.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt professor calls government shutdown ‘policy extortion’

Oct. 1, 2013—Political scientist Bruce Oppenheimer is available to talk about the government shutdown.

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