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Three Vanderbilt A&S professors awarded 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships

Apr. 5, 2018—College of Arts and Science professors Joel Harrington, Antonis Rokas and Edward Wright-Rios have been awarded highly prestigious 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships for their research.

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‘German Art and the Formulation of National Identity’ opens March 13

Feb. 28, 2014—"History's Shadow: German Art and the Formulation of National Identity" opens on March 13 at the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery. This exhibition will continue through June 5, 2014.

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Can a torturer and killer live an honorable life?

Jun. 12, 2013—In the bygone era brought to life in a Vanderbilt history professor's new book, spending years in prison was considered excessively cruel and unusual while breaking every bone in a criminal's body while keeping him alive was reasonable punishment.

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The Leipzig Connection

Dec. 14, 2012—In the last five years a grassroots faculty collaboration with the University of Leipzig has flowered, making the historic German university one of Vanderbilt's half dozen strategic international partners.

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