• Vanderbilt University

    Vanderbilt engineering professor receives over $2 million in funding for genome sequencing research

    Maizie (Xin) Zhou, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and computer science, is the recipient of a $1.9 million award from the National Institutes of Health. She has also received $120,000 from Complete Genomics, a leader in human genome sequencing. The Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA)(R35) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH) will... Read More

    Dec 15, 2022

  • double helix

    New technique accelerates genome editing process

    It sounds like a potato chip. But CRISPR is actually the acronym for a new genome editing technique that, by many accounts, is accelerating the study of genes and disease. Read More

    Aug 21, 2014

  • Vanderbilt University

    My Health Chat: Innovation in Heart Care and Genomic Medicine

    Have you ever wanted to ask the world’s leading physicians and medical researchers about their work and how it affects you? My Health Chat is your chance. Join Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Dr. Jim Jirjis, as he discusses the latest advancements in genomic medicine and heart care innovations with Dr. Read More

    Nov 14, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Worm gene function? Check the map.

    New gene expression atlas created for roundworms provides a basis for establishing roles for individual genes in the development of specific cell types. Read More

    Mar 3, 2011

  • Vanderbilt University

    Discovery of jumping gene cluster tangles tree of life

    Since the days of Darwin, the “tree of life” has been the preeminent metaphor for the process of evolution, reflecting the gradual branching and changing of individual species. The discovery that a large cluster of genes appears to have jumped directly from one species of fungus to another, however,… Read More

    Feb 4, 2011