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financial markets research center

Former Federal Reserve governor and longtime Vanderbilt professor J. Dewey Daane dies

Jan. 4, 2017—An international monetary expert and one of the most esteemed economic minds of the last century, J. Dewey Daane died Jan. 3 in Nashville at the age of 98.

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Vanderbilt trustee emeritus and Dallas business leader dies

Oct. 14, 2016—Thomas B. Walker Jr., a Vanderbilt alumnus, trustee emeritus, and generous supporter of the university's strategic growth, died Oct. 11 at his Dallas home from congestive heart failure.

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Hans Stoll honored at New Frontiers in Finance Conference

May. 14, 2014—Two Nobel laureates were among the presenters at the Financial Markets Research Center’s annual conference at Vanderbilt University, which was held this year in honor of Hans Stoll of Vanderbilt.

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Vanderbilt finance study: No long-term effects for high frequency trading

Aug. 29, 2013—While high-frequency trading has been linked to several high-profile episodes, a new study conducted by Vanderbilt University finance professors Nicolas P.B. Bollen and Robert E. Whaley finds there has been no discernable uptick in average global market volatility correlated with the rise of high-frequency computer trading.

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Vanderbilt Business: Q&A with financial markets expert Hans Stoll

Feb. 11, 2013—In May 2012 Vanderbilt’s Financial Markets Research Center hosted its 25th annual spring conference. In honor of the anniversary, Professor Hans Stoll shared some thoughts with Vanderbilt Business about the FMRC’s past quarter century and where it goes from here.

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Donald Kohn and other economic leaders to speak at Vanderbilt

Apr. 26, 2012—Are financial markets more volatile or more efficient today than 25 years ago?

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Experts to discuss biggest financial reform law since Great Depression

Apr. 26, 2011—The passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is considered the most sweeping change to financial regulation since the Great Depression. It was created and signed into law in 2010 as a result of the recent recession, with the goal of bringing more accountability to Wall Street and big banks. On May 5-6, experts and leaders from the financial and banking industries will come to Vanderbilt University to discuss the challenges and regulatory changes surrounding implementing this massive financial regulation.

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Vanderbilt professors develop new Nasdaq indexes that guard against market gyrations

Nov. 3, 2010—New research by Vanderbilt finance professors Robert Whaley and Jacob Sagi has led to the creation of a recently launched group of Nasdaq indexes.

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