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VUCast: Preventing the next pandemic

Sep. 18, 2013—Researchers work to prevent possible bird flu pandemic How stars solve mysteries of the universe And conquering the video gaming industry Vandy style? All this and more in this week’s VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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VUCast: When is it more than just a tummy ache?

Aug. 27, 2013— Why you should worry about your child’s chronic tummy aches  See a robotic arm that could help save lives  And why kids love a new health care app All this and more in VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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Baby’s life-changing surgery, before birth

Jul. 18, 2013—Vanderbilt’s Junior League Fetal Center is offering ground-breaking treatments and surgeries in the hopes of providing unborn babies the best start to life. Vanderbilt’s Barb Cramer has the amazing story– and surgical video– of fetal surgery to repair an unborn baby’s spinal cord defect. For more about Vanderbilt’s Fetal Center, go to:

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Healing with a mother’s voice

Jun. 27, 2013—Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers are using a new mom’s own singing voice to help preemie babies learn an essential skill that is often difficult for them.

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VUCast: See advances in this robotic hand; get a special view of Commodore baseball

Jun. 12, 2013—In this week’s VUCast: Bionic Breakthrough: See advances in this robotic hand What Vandy doctors are doing with the military to avoid amputations See a special view of Commodore baseball All this and more in this week’s VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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VUCast: Why Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift put Vanderbilt in their newest music video

May. 28, 2013—In this week’s VUCast: See a student invention to save babies from hot cars. Why Nashville stars Tim McGraw & Taylor Swift put Vanderbilt in their latest video. How you could win $10,000 in a new Vandy app contest. All this and more in this week’s VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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John Wikswo at TEDx Nashville: The Homunculi and I

May. 6, 2013—John Wikswo, Gordon A. Cain University Professor of biomedical engineering and A. B. Learned Professor of Living Physics, presented "Homunculi and I: Lessons from building organs on chips" at TedX Nashville April 6, 2013.

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Autism Robot helps children

Apr. 16, 2013—An interdisciplinary team of autism experts and mechanical engineers at Vanderbilt University has created an interactive robot that can help children with autism learn. NAO (pronounced “now”) is the little robot “front man” for an elaborate system of cameras, sensors and computers designed specifically to help young children learn how to coordinate their attention with...

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Watch: Pope Benedict’s surprise exit enhances legacy

Feb. 18, 2013—Pope Benedict XVI's unexpected resignation will raise his stature among Catholics, even among those who sharply disagree with his policies, according to Vanderbilt Divinity School's Bruce Morrill.

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Watch Students Work on Virtual Military Design Project

Jan. 24, 2013—See how Vanderbilt University engineering students are driving the next big idea for the U.S. military.

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Little Leaguer is a diabetes pro

Sep. 27, 2012—Middle Tennessee’s latest celebrities are the 11-and-12-year-old Little League U.S. World Series Champions from Goodlettesville. But one young player already had quite a fan base built up at a Vanderbilt pediatric diabetes clinic, where he has been a patient most of his life. Luke Brown and his family are also long-time participants in TrialNet Type...

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Olympians and endorsements: The less we know, the more athletes sell

Aug. 6, 2012—They’re put up on a pedestal, literally. Though Olympic athletes seem like they would be the ideal celebrity spokespersons, new Vanderbilt research shows that true marketing success lies in keeping impressions high and real information about Olympians at a minimum. “For Olympic athletes or any celebrity, ignorance is bliss,” said Steven Posavac, the E. Bronson...

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