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Giant helicopter arrives: First step for engineering lab

Mar. 18, 2014—The recent delivery of a giant military helicopter is the first step in creating a unique full-scale Vanderbilt engineering lab.

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Vanderbilt study shows mother’s voice improves hospitalization and feeding in preemies

Feb. 17, 2014—Premature babies who receive an interventional therapy combining their mother’s voice and a pacifier-activated music player learn to eat more efficiently and have their feeding tubes removed sooner than other preemies, according to a Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt study published today in Pediatrics. The randomized clinical trial performed in the Neonatal Intensive...

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Mosquito sperm have a sense of smell

Feb. 3, 2014—Vanderbilt biologists have discovered that mosquito sperm have a “sense of smell” and that some of same chemicals that the mosquito can smell cause the sperm to swim harder.

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Vanderbilt study reveals senses of sight and sound separated in children with autism

Jan. 14, 2014—Children with autism spectrum disorders have trouble integrating simultaneous information from their eyes and their ears--as if they experience the world like a badly-dubbed movie.

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VUCast: Don’t think, type! Why your fingers know more than your brain

Dec. 18, 2013—In this week’s VUcast: Why your fingers sometimes know more than your brain; Vanderbilt athletes participate in a life-changing trip; and see the top five most-watched Vanderbilt videos. Watch now.

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QuickVU: Bomb detection, autism and the theatre, and another Top 10 list

Nov. 22, 2013—Finding what goes boom might one day get safer Children with autism take center stage And who made the 10 Innovators who changed the world list? Watch the QuickVU Research roundup now.

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VUCast: A wireless capsule and hallucinating without drugs

Oct. 30, 2013—See how a wireless capsule could help during minimally invasive surgeries Why magnesium and vitamin D are a match made in heaven And do you really see the S in the USA network logo? Watch this QuickVU roundup of research stories.

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VUCast Extra: Blackberries, electricity and high school students

Oct. 23, 2013—How do you get students excited about science? Try mixing blackberries and a lesson in nanotechnology with some eager Tennessee high school students in a Vanderbilt lab. Watch the results on VUCast Extra now.

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VUCast: Startling brain-related study on critically ill patients

Oct. 16, 2013—In the latest VUCast: ICU patients are leaving hospitals with a dementia-like disease; What’s the fate of the Republican Party?; Hear from Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Distinguished Visiting Professor Jon Meacham; and It's time to celebrate -- the Rate My Professor 2013 rankings are in. All this and more in Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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Long-term brain impairment too common after critical illness

Oct. 8, 2013—A recent Vanderbilt study shows a significant number of patients are entering I.C.U.’s throughout the world with no evidence of cognitive — brain related issues, but are leaving with symptoms associated with mild Alzheimer’s or Traumatic Brain Injury. Barb Cramer has more.

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VUCast: Football player gets pioneering microsurgery

Sep. 25, 2013—How a Vandy football player gets back in the game after kidney surgery Concussions: When in doubt, sit them out And see the footsteps of remarkable Vanderbilt folks   All this and more in VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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Watch: Vanderbilt researchers fight to prevent the next pandemic

Sep. 20, 2013—Vanderbilt University medical researchers are once again part of the nationwide fight to prevent a possible flu pandemic.  There’s a new deadly flu strain called H7N9, that started in eastern China.  Vanderbilt is one of 9 sites preparing to test a new vaccine to protect people against this new strain.

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