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New faculty: Ebony McGee tells the stories of STEM students

Dec. 4, 2012—As an assistant professor of education, diversity and urban schooling in the Department of Teaching and Learning, McGee will continue the research she began as a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow: investigating the role of stereotypes and other influences in the postsecondary career and academic decision-making of high-achieving African American, Asian and Latino STEM students.

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New faculty: Jeremy Wilson comes home to Tennessee, by way of Vienna

Dec. 4, 2012—Few musicians win their first orchestral audition, and the likelihood that the first audition is with the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic is very slim. That puts Jeremy Wilson, Blair School of Music's new associate professor of trombone, in a class all by himself.

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New faculty: Derek Griffith explores the complexities of men’s health

Nov. 30, 2012—Griffith serves not only as an associate professor of medicine, health and society within the College of Arts and Science, but also as an associate professor of medicine at the School of Medicine.

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New faculty: Amy Non links health disparities to genetics and environment

Nov. 30, 2012—A molecular anthropologist specializing in epigenetics, the study of how environment and behavior affect the expression of genes, Amy Non's work integrates genetics, anthropology and public health.

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New faculty: David Blackbourn communes with the past

Nov. 28, 2012—Communicating with the departed is something David Blackbourn does on a daily basis. As a scholar of German history and the Cornelius Vanderbilt Distinguished Chair in History, he sees his life’s work as a way to “get into the heads of dead people.” “History is, in a way, communicating with the dead,” Blackbourn said. “I’m drawn to...

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New faculty: Jie Deng’s care for patients inspires lymphedema research

Nov. 28, 2012—For Jie Deng, the desire to further nursing research and education began with the SARS outbreak in China in 2003. At the time, she was the associate chief nursing officer at Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing. “Our nurses were incredible—the sacrifices they made for their patients,” Deng remembered. “We had very limited knowledge...

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New faculty: Cecilia Hyunjung Mo shares her late father’s passion for politics

Nov. 20, 2012—Cecilia Hyunjung Mo followed in her father's footsteps to understand the thorniest issues in political science.

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New faculty: John Graves plays role in shaping national health policy

Nov. 20, 2012—John Graves was part of the team hired by the Obama administration to provide statistical and economic evidence that would inform the development of the Affordable Care Act.

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New faculty: Cathy Ivory is committed to nursing science and research

Nov. 16, 2012—Cathy Ivory is conducting foundational research work in perinatal nursing informatics and introducing master’s students to the world of nursing informatics.

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New faculty: Jaco Hamman connects theology and practice

Nov. 16, 2012—The Rev. Jaco Hamman’s decision to avoid the draft for the South African military, which was responsible for enforcing apartheid, propelled his 1993 move from his native country to the United States, where work as a hospital chaplain shaped his career.

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New faculty: Patrick Grohar brings a competitive spirit to childhood cancer research

Nov. 9, 2012—Patrick Grohar came to Vanderbilt in January from the National Cancer Institute, bringing with him his passions and self-motivation for lab-based work. His research focuses on drug discovery in pediatric sarcomas, cancers that develop in bone and soft tissues.

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New faculty: 21 Insights into Philippe Fauchet

Nov. 9, 2012—n today’s complex world, engineers are seen more and more as imaginative problem-solvers. Philippe Fauchet, the new dean of Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, is a perfect example.

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