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Vanderbilt expert: Tennessee legislative coup could benefit Williams in long run

Jan. 14, 2009—Voters in Tennessee House Speaker Kent Williams' district could continue to support and re-elect the Elizabethton representative – even if he switches parties – says Vanderbilt University political scientist Christian Grose.

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Obama presidency signals new era in America’s struggle with self-identity, says Vanderbilt historian

Jan. 8, 2009—America's arduous struggle over competing visions of nationhood involving race is a giant step closer to resolution with the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, says Vanderbilt University historian Gary Gerstle.

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TIPSHEET: An African American has achieved the nation’s highest office – what now?

Nov. 20, 2008—Barack Obama's history-making election to president of the United States has many wondering what does this achievement mean for race relations in America – what now? Is there still need for affirmative action? Is there less racism in America than we might have once thought? Will the Obamas have an impact on African Americans' and others' expectations for and perceptions of family and achievement?

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Vanderbilt University names new director of global education office

Nov. 7, 2008—Vanderbilt University has named Ara Pachmayer director of its Global Education Office (GEO), which provides international learning and global engagement experiences for students.

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TIPSHEET: Education, health care expected to be among Obama’s priorities: Vanderbilt experts

Nov. 7, 2008—Vanderbilt experts are available to comment on education, immigration and health care policy.

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Marketing expert takes on new role at Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School

Nov. 3, 2008—Expanding on her exceptional career as a researcher, educator and administrator, Dawn Iacobucci has been promoted to the post of associate dean for faculty development at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management.

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TIPSHEET: Is Sarah Palin woman enough for the national stage?

Sep. 9, 2008—Vanderbilt University expert available to talk about images of women in media

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Managing risk in an increasingly hazardous world

May. 1, 2008—If you have a nagging feeling that life is getting increasingly hazardous, you may be interested in the new book, "Operational Risk Management," by Mark D. Abkowitz, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University.

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Supreme Court ruling on negative ads to affect presidential race: Vanderbilt expert

Jun. 27, 2007—Today's U.S. Supreme Court ruling to allow issues ads funded by corporations and labor unions to air close to an election has major implications for the 2008 presidential campaign, according to Vanderbilt University political scientist John Geer.

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