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Vanderbilt engineering professor receives national biomedical engineering award

Oct. 13, 2005—Thomas R. Harris, Vanderbilt chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department and Orrin H. Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering, has received a distinguished service award from the major scientific and professional society in the field of biomedical engineering.

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Vanderbilt cardiologist and biomedical engineering grad honored

Oct. 11, 2005—Dr. Andre' Lemont Churchwell, a Vanderbilt University cardiologist whose distinguished career has included extensive professional and community service and support for aspiring minority faculty, is the recipient of the 2005 Walter R. Murray Jr. Distinguished Alumnus Award.

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Vanderbilt alumna to address students during “Distinguished Alumni” talk

Oct. 6, 2005—Tamara Baynham, a senior research scientist for the Guidant Corporation, will speak to encourage engineering majors Oct. 13 during her presentation "Survive and Thrive in Engineering School: It Takes a Village." The talk will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center as part of the Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series sponsored by the center.

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“Lab-on-chip” technology expert joins Vanderbilt as H. Fort Flowers Professor

Sep. 12, 2005—Dongqing Li -- an international leader in "lab-on-a-chip" biotechnology who is joining Vanderbilt as the new H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering -- dreams of creating a miniature, portable laboratory the size of a business card, capable of on-the-scene diagnosis of diseases and rapid detection of biochemical warfare agents.

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Should New Orleans rebuild? Vanderbilt expert says ‘perhaps not’

Sep. 7, 2005—Hurricane Katrina has left most of New Orleans a virtual toxic wasteland, and a Vanderbilt University professor says that perhaps this once great city that is below sea level should not be rebuilt, at least in its present form. Mark Abkowitz, professor of civil and environmental engineering, says "imagine the infrastructure expense required to rebuild the levees that can withstand far more than what was included in the original design, installation of a pumping system with greater capacity and less prone to failure, and add to that the knowledge that the climate change will increase the frequency and severity of hurricanes in the region."

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Renowned architect Peter Eisenman to speak at Vanderbilt

Sep. 2, 2005—Peter Eisenman, an internationally recognized architect and educator who has designed projects ranging from NFL stadiums to unique private homes, will speak Sept. 23 at Vanderbilt University as part of the Chancellor's Lecture Series.

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Hurricane Disaster Experts

Sep. 2, 2005—Vanderbilt experts are available to discuss a variety of issues related to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, including emergency response planning, police response, looting, economic impact, impact on universities, mass casualties, infectious disease and medical problems facing children.

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Vanderbilt radiation experts help determine safety of Alaskan seafood

Aug. 1, 2005—Vanderbilt researchers are two of the authors of a research study released today that revealed seafood from the area close to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska currently is not threatened by radioactive materials resulting from underground nuclear tests carried out at Amchitka Island between 1965 and 1971.

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New method proves it possible to grow bone for grafts within a patient‘s body

Jul. 26, 2005—An international team of biomedical engineers has demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to grow healthy new bone reliably in one part of the body and use it to repair damaged bone at a different location.

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Vanderbilt London program participants unharmed by explosions

Jul. 7, 2005— Ninety students, faculty and interns studying or working in London this summer were accounted for and unharmed on Thursday after attacks on the city‘s public transportation system.

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Vanderbilt group to tackle extreme conditions in space

Jun. 30, 2005— Unlike the spectacular movie version, real-life sun storms can‘t turn ordinary astronauts into the Fantastic Four. But they can and occasionally do incapacitate expensive and vitally important space systems, like satellites and spacecraft.

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Golf Tournament to benefit Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Jun. 7, 2005— The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development will be the beneficiary of this year‘s annual Waddell & Reed Financial Services Charity Golf Tournament on June 17. This will be the third year for Waddell & Reed to support the Kennedy Center in its efforts to raise awareness. The event will take place at the Vanderbilt Legends Golf Club in Franklin.

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